Long ago, in order to get rid of the primary bone cancer, medicine used surgery, sometimes, including amputation of affected limbs. Today, with the great variety of different instruments and new technologies, you can remove only affected zone and replace it with a bone implant, plastic, metal or with the help of new method – benign surgical intervention. If the patient is young and ready to begin the surgery, affected places, could be easy replaced.

There are few types of primary bone tumors (based on bone cancer symptoms and outpatient examination), from which depends the type of surgery and radiotherapy. For instance, to treat osteogenic sarcoma, is dangerous with radiotherapy after surgery. Diffuse endothelioma is very sensitive to radiotherapy, which is common after chemotherapy and before surgery.

Treatment of primary bone cancerAn important role in the treatment of primary cancer plays chemotherapy. As a rule, it’s performed after surgery in case of osteogenic sarcoma and to eliminate any metastases, which may occur after surgery. This way of treatment is very popular among patients.

Recently, some doctors spend medication before surgery as an experiment with the intent to determine the combination of more favorable results. The purpose – to reduce the large tumor such way, that it could hold a scaled-down operation. When Diffuse endothelioma usually involves several cycles of chemotherapy before the operation to reduce the size of the tumor and subsequent surgery or radiotherapy.